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There is no 'fast' way to lose that much weight. It wasn't gained fast, it won't go away fast. You are talking about a year to safely lose that much weight without causing major health problems. Sensible diet and exercise will help a great deal.

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Q: How can you lose 85 pounds fast?
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Is losing 85 pounds in one week good?

If you mean 85 pounds of body weight, it is not possible to lose that amount in one week.

You weight about 270 pounds you want to lose 20 pounds fast?

The quickest way to lose 20 pounds is to sweat. Your body accumulates water weight which can add up fast.

If you weigh 132 pounds and want to weigh 85 pounds how much weight would i need to lose?

You have lose 47 pounds.From Chris,Ethan,and Elvin

You are 11 years old your weight is 260 how should you lose 85 pounds?

eat alot

How can you safely lose 23 pounds if you 12-years-old and you want to lose weight fast?

diet and excercise. its not safe to lose weight fast regardless of age.

How much weight can you lose if you fast for two weeks?

over 20 pounds

How do you lose 10 pounds fast?

eat healthy, work out, lose the sugar snax

Can you lose forty pounds in three months?

Yes. That's very fast but do-able.

How can you lose 5 pounds or more fast and easy?

Diet or weight loss clinic

How much is 85 pounds in kilograms?

85 pounds is about 38.555 kg

What is the average weight of a 13-year old 5 ft 5 white male?

85 To 115 pounds 85 To 115 pounds 85 To 115 pounds 85 To 115 pounds

How much pounds are 85 kilos?

85 kilograms = 187.392923 pounds