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The women has been pregnant for a week, although most doctors count from the date since the woman's last period.

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Q: How many weeks pregnant is the mum when the embryo is a week old?
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What is the difference between 12 week embryo and 12 weeks pregnant?

When the gestational age of an embryo is 12 weeks, then you are considered 14 weeks pregnant. The first 2 weeks of pregnancy is the week of your last period, followed by the week before your ovulation, therefore, as soon as your egg is fertilized you are already 2 weeks pregnant!

How many week does it take for the embryo to develop all the basic organs to form?

The babies (embryo) heart starts to beat at about 4 weeks.

Can you feel the baby at 2week's pregnant?

No. At two weeks pregnant, you are not even considered pregnant yet. The second week of pregnancy is actually the point at which the egg is fertilized by the sperm. If you mean two weeks after conception (Which is actually four weeks pregnant) then it is still no. At 4 weeks pregnant, it is just an embryo, it doesn't have any limbs for now, but that won't take long! It usually takes about 16 weeks to start feeling fetal movement for your first child. For those who have been pregnant before, may be able to detect the movement a couple of weeks earlier just because they know what to expect. At 4 weeks pregnant your embryo is 1/25 of an inch and weighs less than one gram! But by week 6 your baby will have limbs developing and will be about an 1/8 of an inch!! Check out this website for week-by-week pictures that are 3d and growth rates:

Is it killing a baby when your three weeks pregnant?

At 3 weeks it's a embryo, at 10 weeks it's a fetus and from week 38 or when it's born it's called a baby.Terminating your pregnancy is called an abortion.

How many months pregnant at 33 weeks pregnant?

8 months 1 week

Cramps in first week of pregnant?

It is normal to have mild cramping in the first week and many weeks following that. The cramps are what I like to refer to as the stretchy pains because it is the pain of your womb or uterus stretching to accommodate the size of the growing embryo.

What happens when you're 5 weeks pregnant?

You get morning sickness, and feel sleepy all the time. Take your prenatal vitamins! This is also the week that the embryo develops!

How many weeks in nine months?

you are 36 week if you are nine months pregnant.

How many months pregnant are you if you are 29 weeks?

7 months, 1 week

How many week pregnant makes 4 months?

That would be 16 weeks.

How many after week you feeling pregnant should go the doctor?

about 4 weeks

How many months pregnant are you at 29 weeks?

7 months and 1 week.

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