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5 months and one week

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Q: How many months is 23 weeks when your pregnant?
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If you were 23 weeks pregnant on your ultrasound and went back 4 weeks later how many weeks should you be?

if you are 23 weeks pregnant , then go back 4 weeks later you should be 27 weeks pregnant. Almost 7 months.

How many months is 27 weeks pregnant?

27 weeks pregnant starts the first week of your 7th month. The 7th month consist of weeks 27-30.

How many weeks pregnant is Victoria beckham?

23 weeks

How many months is Weeks and days?

It is 31 months and 23 days.

If I'm 23 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

just starting your 6th month. 23-27th week is 6 months. Just like in any other month you don't get into the second week of January for example and change the month. You have four weeks roughly but keep in mind pregnancy terms are not the same as calendar terms. You're months are actually a little longer than four weeks each. Technically you are pregnant for 10 months not nine but since the weeks are divided differently its 9 months of being uncomfortable!

23 weeks is how many months?

About 5.2 months 23 weeks (161 days) is equal to about one week more than 5 average months of 30.4 days, approximately 5 months and 6 days.

How many months pregnante are you when you are 23 weeks and 6 days?

5 months.

How many months and days is 138 weeks?

It is 31 months and 23 days.

How many months pregnant is 23 weeks?

About 5.2 months23 weeks (161 days) is equal to about one week more than 5 average months of 30.4 days, approximately 5 months and 6 days.*see the attached calendar linkThe 23 week of pregnancy falls into the 6th month.

You are 23weeks how many months am i?

Get a calculator. 23 divided by 4 equals 5.75 months. 23 weeks. about 4 weeks per month you are a little over 5 months old.

How many months are in 99 weeks?

between 22 and 23

If you got pregnant on 23 July 2006 and received the baby on 5 April 2007 how many weeks were you pregnant?

Yu would ave been pregnant for 8 months 18 days roughly =] Xo Kat