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Around 2000, unless you're not very active, then 1800-1900 should be okay.

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Q: How many calories should a 51 year old female eat daily?
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How many calories should a female teenager have per breakfast?

It does not matter what proportion of daily calories come from breakfast.

How many calories should a 4'6 13 year old girl eat daily?

2200 calories a day is for an average 13yr old female

How many calories should a little girl eat in a day?

For female children ages 4-8, a daily intake of calories should be 1200 kcal/d. For female children ages 9-13, a daily intake of calories should be 1600 kcal/d. Calorie estimates are based on a sedentary lifestyle, in a temperate environment.

How many calories should at 18 year old women eat?

Females are generally done growing by 18 so they don't need as many calories. An 18 year old female should consume 1200-1800 calories daily.

If your BMR is 1569 how many calories should you consume daily?

2155 Calories

How many calories does a female eat if she 5 foot 7 inc and weighs 127?

About 1,700 calories daily.

How many calories should a 5ftwomen have daily?


How many calories should a 26 year old female who is 100 pounds overweight eat a day?

Multiply your ideal weight by ten and that's how much calories you should consume daily to lose the weight.

How many calories should I eat weekly and daily in order to maintain my current weight. I'm a 16 years old female and everyday I burn AT LEAST 2000 calories also I do exercise for 75-85 minutes daily?

It depends on your height and weight. 2000 calories is probably close to your daily need though.

How many calories do the average human take in daily?

an adult male takes in 2000-2500 calories and an adult female takes in 1800-2000 calories.

How many calories should i eat if i am female 250lbs?