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I am not sure by just breathing. But your body does use calories by just living (it takes calories to run your body). In order to do this, you can look up a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator. This is the amount of calories you burn just lying in bed all day. Add walking and other activities into the mix and you are burning more calories than the BMR calculates.

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Resting metabolic rate depends upon several factors including your age, height, weight and sex. An average 30 year old man might burn 1750 calories per day, while an average 30 year old woman might burn only 1350 calories per day. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under "Related Links."

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Q: How many calories does your body burn of doing nothing?
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How many calories do you burn doing hip hop abs total body burn?

about 500-600

How many calories will you burn sleeping one hour?

When we sleep, we actually burn about 77 calories per hour. Not too bad for doing nothing!

Will you burn calories running upstairs?

Yes, you will burn calories when doing any sort of physical activity. In fact, your body burns calories even at rest, to maintain things such as body heat, cardiac and respiratory function etc. This is called your Base Metabolic Rate. All physical activities burn calories; those that are more intense will burn calories at a higher rate.

How many calories did i burn doimg cardio?

how many calories did I burn doing cardio

How many calories do you burn doing Core Secrets Ab Assault video?

How many calories do you burn doing Core Secrets videos?

Why do you burn calories from sleeping?

you still undergo basic bodily functions while you sleep. Heartbeat, brain function, digestion etc. All bodily processes burn some calories. Same reason you burn calories while you're sitting down doing nothing. Save

How does body mass index and Basal Metabolic Rate relate?

Your BMI means body mass index and it shows you how much of your body mass i. but your bmr is how many calories you'd burn if yo stayed in bed all day doing nothing but sleeping

If you do nothing but eat less and do crunches and run will you lose weight?

Losing weight can be hard. If a person eats less, and exercises by doing crunches and running, they will lose some weight. The amount is dependent on how many calories they put in their body, and how many calories they burn.

How do you sty healthy by doing sports?

By doing sports that require fitness and get your heartbeat up then you burn calories and lose body fat. You can also tone your body and get into a more muscular shape by doing exercise

Does doing sports can actually burn fat?

Obviously lol. You burn calories just by breathing. Try playing soccer if you want a toned body c:

Who has the highest basal metabolic rate?

Your basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that you burn without doing anything. Essentially it is the rate that your body uses energy when it is resting rather then exercising or doing anything. It is the calories you burn while you breath or digest things.

How many calories do you burn doing jack hammers?

depends on how many obviously the more you do the more calories you burn