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depends on her height

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2010-04-10 22:39:56
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Q: How many calories does a 160lb woman need to maintain that weight?
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What is the ideal weight for a woman of 5'8?


How many calories does a 110 pound woman need a day to maintain her weight?

How many calories does a 110 pound woman need a day to maintain her weight? Like 1500 calories..

How many calories does a woman need to maintain her weight?

On average, about 2,000 calories per day.

How many calories dose a 225 lb woman take in to maintain that weight?


How many calories does a 32 year old woman need daily?

Body weight times 10 in calories in order to maintain current weight.

How calories enough for women?

1200 to 1800 calories a day is usually enough for a simi active woman. The more active you are, the more calories it takes to maintain an normal weight.

How many calories a day should a 167 pound woman eat?

Does she want to maintain her weight or lose? And how much exercise is she getting?

How many calories should a 5' 7 325 pound woman have per day?

you will need the expert advice of a physician and a nutritionist however, at 5'7" your weight could be around 160lb. it all depends on your age and metabolism. So for you to lose a great deal of weight you could go on 1000 calories a day, that will jump start you. Good luck!!

How many calories does a 125 pound woman need to maintain weight?

about 1500 calories a day without exercise, if you do any exercise you can increase by how many calories you have burned

How many calories should a woman intake a day?

How many calories a woman should take in each day varies depending on how much energy she requires or exercise she does each day. On average, a woman could take in about 1800 calories per day to maintain her weight with an average amount of exercise.

How many calories should a 46 year old woman who weighs about 190 pounds eat a day?

This depends on your height and exercise routine, but you should probably have around 1800 calories to maintain your weight or 1500 to begin losing weight.

If you are a five foot tall woman age sixty how many calories per day to maintain weight of 140 pounds?

A sixty-year old woman who stands at five feet tall and wants to maintain her weight of 140 pounds while engaging in moderate physical activity should take in about 1864.5 calories a day. This number should decrease with less physical activity. If said woman lives a sedentary lifestyle, for example, she should take in about 1553.75 calories.

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