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The short answer is 7700 extra calories will make you gain 1kg of fat

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Q: How many calories do you need to gain 1kg weight?
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How many calories do you need to gain weight?

more than the doctor advises you to have.

How many calories do you need to consume a day to gain weight?

3,600 calories (consumed in one day) will equal one pound of weight gained.

What is a weight gain calculator most useful for?

A weight gain calculator is useful in determining how many calories you need to intake on a daily basis in order to gain "good" weight and build muscle.

Why do you need to limit calories?

so you don't gain weight

How many calories do 12 year olds need especially when they need to gain weight?

Forget about calories calculation, this kid has to eat enough and exercises enough.

Can you gain weight from brewers yeast tablets?

Brewer's yeast tablets do not contain enough calories to help you gain weight. In order to gain a pound, you will need an extra 3,500 calories.

How much do I need to eat to gain some weight?

1500 calories per

How many calories do you need to eat to maintain 800 pounds?

That depends on how many calories the person in question's body requires to stay alive, or their BMR (basal metabolic rate) which depends on age, sex and weight. If they need 3000 calories, they will need to eat 3000 calories to maintain their weight. If they need 4000 calories, they need 4000 calories to maintain their weight. In addition, if they eat more than their BMR, they will gain weight, if they eat less, they will lose weight. In theory, you can have 2 totally different people who weight 800 pounds, BUT they each require different amounts of calories to maintain their 800 pounds.

How do you use fig to gain weight?

I'm not sure why you think figs would make you gain more weight than ordinary food. to gain weight you need to eat more calories than you spend. You can not gain weight just on figs.

Weight Gain Varies in all Women?

Weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal. The amount of weight that women gain will depend on how much you weigh before you get pregnant. Women who are of average weight can gain more than women who are overweight. The doctor will discuss how many calories you will need to consume during the pregnancy and an ideal amount of weight you should gain.

Can trying to gain weight lead to a eating disorder?

Yes it can. If you start counting calories it's easy to get obsessed by it. In order to gain weight, or loose it, you don't need to do that.

Can you gain weight in just one day?

Of course it is possible ot gain weight in one day! If you eat as much as you need to eat then you wont gain weight in one day but if you eat a lot in one day then of course you are gonna gain weight in one day!