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Every woman is different, some claim to know at the moment of conception!! more likely though, around the time your period is due you might start to have a few symptoms, and your missed period is also a huge clue.. about the time you have missed your period you are usually about 4 weeks pregnant.


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Q: How long does it take for a woman to know she is pregnant?
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How does a woman know that she is pregnant?

She has to take a test to know for sure.

How long after a man cums inside a woman will you know you're pregnant?

The earliest you can take a test is 2 weeks after sex.

How long does cocaine stay in the placenta of a pregnant woman?

A pregnant woman is very foolish to take cocaine. It will hurt her baby.

What can a pregnant woman take for a toothache?

what can a pregnant woman take for toothache

How long does it take to know your pregnant?

It normally takes about 2-4 weeks to know if your pregnant or not.

How long will it take for a woman to know she is pregnant and what are the symptoms?

Hello. A woman can only tell she is pregnant by doing a pregnancy test then by seeing her doctor for confirmation on the results of the pregnancy test. The first indication of pregnancy is a missed period.

Can a pregnant woman take one tramadol?

dan a pregnant woman take tramadols

If you are a woman and want to become pregnant how long does it take for marijuana to leave your body?

We are not realitivly close but we do know its between 2 and 6 weeks

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Can woman breast feed if they are not pregnant?

Yes, lactation can take place with a non pregnant woman.

How long it will take to get pregnant after being on birth control?

Until you get pregnant. There's no way to tell. It's different from one woman to another.

How long does it take a woman pregnant?

one min to two days it depends when ovulation is going to occurs

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