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You can take a bath if you are pregnant as long as the water does not exceed 98 degrees.

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Q: Can a pregnant woman take a bath?
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Is it okay for a pregnant woman to take a bath in bleach water?

If you are talking about a pool it's fine.

If a man and women take a bath commonly then does the women get pregnant?

Merely sharing a bath will not get a woman pregnant, even if the man would ejaculate into the water. Getting pregnant pretty much requires intercourse, or at least that semen is directly transferred onto the woman's genitals.

Can pregnant women take a bath?


Can a woman get pregnant 3 days after her period after a bath?

Only if It's a rainy Monday

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Can pregnant women take bubble-baths?

As long as the temperate of the water does not exceed 100 degrees F, you can take a bath while pregnant.

Is it OK to take a bath in the evening when you are pregnant?

A warm bath is fine when pregnant, but if the water is too hot it isn't good for the baby. So definitely skip hot tubs! :)

Can pregnant woman take diclofenac?

No, absolutely not.

What can a pregnant woman take for cramps?


Can you talk a bath when pregnant?

Yes, you can take bath's while you are pregnant. Be careful to not exceed above a room temperature warmth (not too hot) due to the sensitivity of the fetus. Also be careful on certain types of oils and lathering bubble bath.

How long does cocaine stay in the placenta of a pregnant woman?

A pregnant woman is very foolish to take cocaine. It will hurt her baby.

Can woman breast feed if they are not pregnant?

Yes, lactation can take place with a non pregnant woman.