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Maybe a month or a few weeks.

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Q: How long can it take a girl to get pregnant before she know it?
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How long does it take before you know that you are pregnant?

2 weeks

How long does it take for a girl to know she's pregnant?

it takes a girl until after a missed period and a hpt or a trip to the docter before she knows she is pregnant .. but a missed period is definetely a huge sign .

How long does it take to know if a girl is pregnant?

one month or two will suffice

If a girl is spotting how long pregnant is she?

It's impossible to know based on that. To know how long she is pregnant, she really should see a doctor... which she should be doing on a regular basis anyway if she suspects or knows that she is pregnant.

How long it would take before you know your pregnant?

3 months

If your pregnant how do you know if its a boy or a girl?

Well you go to the doctors office and then you have to do a sonogram and then if you ready have been pregnant long enough they can probably tell if it is a boy or a girl.

How long does it take for you to know tour pregnant?

A person can now find out if they are pregnant before even a period is missed.

How long can a girl go without getting her rag before being pregnant?

7 weeks! 7 weeks!

How long before your body knows its pregnant?

With in 12-24 hours your body knows its pregnant. But you wont know for about 3 weeks.

After how long can you fined out if you are pregnant?

I want to know how long can be pregnant?

Can a girl get pregnant if you wipe all the sperm off before putting it back in?

Yes. As long as there is sperm pregnancy is possible.

How long is a girl pregnant for?

9 months