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it takes a girl until after a missed period and a hpt or a trip to the docter before she knows she is pregnant .. but a missed period is definetely a huge sign .

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She can take a test 14 days after sex.

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Q: How long does it take for a girl to know she's pregnant?
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Can a girl get pregnant if shes on her pirod?

That's the only way a girl can get pregnant...

How long does it take for a girl to notice side effects that shes pregnant?

2-3 weeks

How long does it usually take for a male guinea pig to get the female pregnant and how do you know when she is pregnant?

how do you know when ones pregnant?well, it useually takees the male to get the female pregnant about 2 weeks. You know when shes pregnant by getting bigger in the stomach and wiggleing in the stomach, and shes eating more

Can a 15 year old girl move out if shes pregnant?

not without parents consent. the parent is still responsible for the girl regardless if shes pregnant or not.

How does a girl know shes pregnant?

When your nauseous, feel dizzy,and or weak and notice that your belly is expanding and be coming round like this).

Can a girl have her period when shes pregnant?

its rear to have your period while your pregnant but its very possible.

Is Peyton cobb pregnant?

yes and shes my girl frind

What is a way for a girl to know shes pregnant?

a pregnancy test, if you gain lots of weight, if you miss your paired, if you feel sick if the morning.

How does a woman know that shes pregnant?

She has to take a test to know for sure.

How do you know when a girl is staring at you?

if shes looking at you!

Can a 25 year old sex offender in jail marry a 16 year old girl if shes pregnant with his child?

As long as she's a minor she can not get married without her parents consent. Pregnant or not.

How long does it take from when Bella finds out shes pregnant to Renesmee's birth?

She was pregnant for about 6 weeks