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2 days

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Q: How long does cocaine stay in system if held in hand?
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How long does it take to feel the effects of crack cocaine?

as soon as you ingest it.

When did crack become illegal?

Crack has never been legal. Crack cocaine is just a different, more dangerous form of cocaine, that became popular in the 1980s, and cocaine has been illegal in the United States since 1914. For a long time, people had been freebasing cocaine. Freebasing is when you put the cocaine on a piece of tin foil, and light a cigarette lighter underneath it. As the cocaine cooks, a vapor rises from it, and you inhale the vapor with a straw made from tin foil. Sometime in the late 1970s, somebody figured out that if you boil cocaine with water, baking soda, and other household chemicals, it produces a rock-like substance that burns at a lower temperature than regular cocaine. This makes it very easy to smoke, and makes the high more intense than freebasing: since it burns faster than regular cocaine, you end up smoking more of it in the same amount of time. And since you end up smoking more of it in the same amount of time, the risk of overdose and death is that much greater. Since crack is essentially a diluted form of cocaine, it is cheaper than regular cocaine. The cheap price is what caused the crack epidemic in the 1980s, since people who normally wouldn't have been able to afford the steep price of a cocaine addiction could now get high every day for cheap.

Was Dr Harold Shipman an organized or disorganized killer?

Without a doubt, Shipman was an organized killer. His crimes were planned and well-thought out before hand. He made few mistakes which explains his long career as a killer. The organized serial killer is the most difficult to apprehend.

Describe the impact of the great penitentiary rivalry on our prison system?

In the 1820's, two variants, the Pennsylvania System and the Auburn System competed for the role of best in the handling of the incarcerated in the US. The silent method of the Pennsylvania System required absolute silence, total lock down in a solitary environment and produced mental problems at a rapid rate. It was espoused by the Quakers who felt that prisoners would be rehabilitated by that system. The Auburn System was seen as more cost effective because it mandated labor which offset the cost of housing. Auburn introduced striped uniforms, the lockstep and harsh punishment for minor infractions. In truth, neither created a model prisoner or one that rehabilitated. The competition continues today between those that believe in long sentences and those that want reform.

If you take three or four hits of crack how long does it stay in your system?

Anywhere from 3 weeks to a month ... or more. This illegal drug finds its way into the bloodstream ... has to filter through the kidneys over time in order to no longer become detectable during testing.