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Here is my guess, and it is from highly personal experience. I hate being put in this position, but I have been put in it more than several times. First, she will be friendly, but distant. If she likes you, which has often been the case with me, but not in that way, the more that she understands that you like her the more uncomfortable she will feel. This will be obvious. At some point, she will start trying to avoid you, in person, over the telephone, online. At some point, she may sever or, at least, severely limit all contact. In at least some cases, believe it or not, she will do this TO BE NICE TO YOU. I know it doesn't feel like it. But, if it were me, I would be trying to cause the least grief or harm. If i tell you, as an elder in the tribe of women with too many men, that if you run into this case during your trips to the metaphorical shore, that there are way more fish in the sea and you should, and must, just wait it out, you will probably not believe me. But it's true. Good luck.

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Q: How do you tell if a woman is not attracted to you?
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How do you tell a woman is attracted to you?

go out with her friend

How do you tell a Indian woman is attracted to you?

go out with her friend

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You can tell by her bodly language and what she says to u.

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A man who identifies as gay is attracted exclusively to other males. He would not be attracted to a female. It is also impossible to tell for sure if somebody is attracted to someone else unless they tell you.

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check his cell usally answers r alwase there. :) good luck

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If you're a woman and you're attractive to another woman. Should you tell her?

If she's straight, then no. If you do tell her it will only negatively affect whatever relationship you have. There is nothing you could do to get her to be attracted to you, so it's best you just keep it to yourself.

What makes a woman a lesbian?

A woman who is not sexually/physically attracted to men, but is sexually/physically attracted to women, is a lesbian.

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