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A gay woman is a woman who is attracted to members of the same sex.

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Q: What is a gay woman?
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Can a straight woman satisfy a gay?

If you mean a gay man, probably not. If you mean a gay woman, it's possible.

If a man transforms himself into a woman and dates a woman is the man considered gay?

No, but the woman that she became after transition is now a gay woman.

What are names for gay woman?

A gay woman can have any name. Just like a straight woman can have any name.

What is a gay woman called?

gay or lesbian. But the preferred term is simply "woman" or "person".

Can a gay make woman pregnant?

Yes, a gay man can impregnate a woman because a gay man is still a MAN

Is a gay a woman?

A gay person can be a man or a woman. The term is used for both genders. Gay women can also be called lesbians.

Is it ok to be a gay if you are a woman?

It is OK to be gay no matter what your gender is.

What does it mean when a gay woman leaves a torn camisole for a straight woman?

This action has no symbolic meaning whatsoever. You would have to ask the gay woman what she intended.

Would you rather be gay or lesbian?

You don't have this choice. If you are a gay man, you are a gay man. If you are a gay woman, you are lesbian.

Is mamumamu a gay man?

No, she is a woman!!!! And she is a hot woman for that matter!

What does gay ladies mean?

A gay woman is usually called a lesbian.

How do you know if you are gay or bysexual?

are you gay if you answered no you are not gay. if you answered yes then you're gay. If you have boners or erotic feelings towards men and woman, you're bi. If you have a boner towards men and not woman you're gay. I am a bisexual and proud. I've given blowjobs, anals and make out session to men and woman.