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A woman who is not sexually/physically attracted to men, but is sexually/physically attracted to women, is a lesbian.

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Q: What makes a woman a lesbian?
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What makes you gay lesbian?

If you are a woman and you prefer to have sex with other women, then you are a lesbian. If you are a woman and have sex with men and women then you are bi-sexual. Being gay means that you have sex with someone of the same gender as yourself. Being a lesbian means that you are a woman that has sex with only women.

Does it makes you not a lesbian?

If you are a lesbian, nothing can make you "not a lesbian."

What is lesiban?

Do you mean a lesbian? A lesbian is a woman(or girl) who likes another woman(or girl!).

What should i think if another woman said she would marry me if was a man Is she a lesbian too?

this makes you sound desperate...

How do you know if your woman is a lesbian or not?

If she eats pussy...she is a lesbian (or bisexual).

What can you get when you are a lesbian?

can get sex with a woman

How do you lesbian?

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

What is a lesbian mistress?

A lesbian mistress is a woman who is involved sexually with another woman who is in a relationship. A mistress, in general, is the "other woman" that someone, man or woman, is cheating on their partner with.

What is the difference between a woman and lesbian?

A woman is any female. A lesbian is a certain type of female that is attracted to other females.

Can your godmother be lesbian?

Any woman can be a lesbian as long as shes born like that.

What makes Fergie to be lesbian?


How can you get a straight libra woman to sleep with a lesbian?

if the woman is straight, you can't get her to sleep with a lesbian. If you try to force anything, you are committing a crime.