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There are about 6 different versions of the 760. See the link below for the 760B owners manual. They all operate about the same.

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Q: How do you operate a crosman 760 air rifle?
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How do you make a crosman 760 air rifle pump easier?

A person can make the pump easier to operate on a Crosman 760 air rifle by applying oil to the seals. This will provide lubrication and improve the overall action of the weapon.

What is the best pellet to use with the Crosman 760 air rifle?

See the link below for your answer

Where can you get parts for my crosman 760 air rifle?

Crosman has made 5 or 6 versions of the 760 and has parts available (See the link below for the older 760 parts list. ) I would contact Crosman Customer service to order the parts (see the Link below)

Crosman 760 pumpmaster schematics?

See link Below! There are about 11 different versions of the 760, See the link at the bottom of this page to select the one you need. (It's all the Crosman air rifle models.)

Need air pump seals for a model 760 crosman air gun?

Crosman still has parts for this model. See the links below for Customer Service Contact and all the Crosman parts and Owners manuals online. BTW it's an Air Rifle not an Air gun.

Replacement of front sight for Pumpmaster 760 air rifle?

check the link below and contact customer service. Crosman list that some parts are still available for this rifle.

How do you remove safety lock on crosman air rifle model 760 pumpmaster?

Go to (The link below ) and find your parts and owners manual for your gun or rifle. Crosman keeps a web page for older airguns. They also have a list of service centers

What is your Crosman revelation gc3376 worth?

This air rifle was made for Montgomery Wards under the Revelation brand name by Crosman. It truth it is a Crosman model 760 First variation. 1966-1970 Average price in good condition is $15.

How do you assembly a crosman 760 D air rifle?

The Crosman web page provides owners manuals and schematics for most all their rifles on their home page. Click on the link below and go to "Download an owners manual."

What is the value of a crosman 760-d air rifle in exelent condition?

it would be worth between $25-$30 Source Blue book of Airguns 9th edition.

How does crosman 760 pump work?

You have to swing the forearm to pump up an air cylinder in the rifle. Usually it take about 8 pumps. When you pull the trigger it releases the air an propels the BB or Pellet.

Who made the Hawthorne Model 760?

If you are asking about air rifles it was made by Crosman Air guns.