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Q: What is the best pellet to use with the Crosman 760 air rifle?
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Does the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB Pellet Air Rifle work for airsoft wars?

No- and it would be very dangerous to try. Pellet guns and airsoft are two very different things.

How do you repair a 1966 crosman powermaster 760?

Crosman has some parts available online. See the link below for all the Crosman rifle parts manuals and owners manuals. You can order parts from Crosman.

Can you get a diagram of a Crosman 760 air pellet rifle both assembled and unassembled?

See the link below. This should help you. find your model.. You will have access to both the Owners manual and the Parts diagram.

How does crosman 760 pump work?

You have to swing the forearm to pump up an air cylinder in the rifle. Usually it take about 8 pumps. When you pull the trigger it releases the air an propels the BB or Pellet.

How do you make a crosman 760 air rifle pump easier?

A person can make the pump easier to operate on a Crosman 760 air rifle by applying oil to the seals. This will provide lubrication and improve the overall action of the weapon.

Should I get crosman 760 rifle or daisy powerline model 5880 shadow there both the same price?

Buy the best you can afford

Where can you get parts for my crosman 760 air rifle?

Crosman has made 5 or 6 versions of the 760 and has parts available (See the link below for the older 760 parts list. ) I would contact Crosman Customer service to order the parts (see the Link below)

How do you load the 760 pump master bb gun?

If you are asking about a Crosman Model 760, I suggest you go to the Crosman home page and click on "Download an Owners manual". Crosman still offers the manual on the rifle and not only will you see how to load it but you will also learn other features about the rifle.

Where can repair parts for the crosman 760 be obtained?

There are several variations of this rifle model 760. I suggest you contact Crosman corp. They still have some parts available Go to and contact "customer service."

I have a pellet bb gun 760 pumpmaster can't get it to shoot the bb it't has a loading spot on the side?

There are several different versions of the 760. See the Crosman link below. And select your model from the owners list. Then read section on Loading and unloading the BB rifle. This may help.

Crosman 760 pumpmaster schematics?

See link Below! There are about 11 different versions of the 760, See the link at the bottom of this page to select the one you need. (It's all the Crosman air rifle models.)

How do you operate a crosman 760 air rifle?

There are about 6 different versions of the 760. See the link below for the 760B owners manual. They all operate about the same.