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A person can make the pump easier to operate on a Crosman 760 air rifle by applying oil to the seals. This will provide lubrication and improve the overall action of the weapon.

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Q: How do you make a crosman 760 air rifle pump easier?
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Do you have a picture of 1924 Crosman pellet or BB gun?

Crosman did not make BB guns until 1947, so there is no 1924 model BB pistol. Crosman did make their first BB rifle called the 1923 model. It had a plunger under the barrel to pump up the gun. Benjamin had been using this design on their pistols starting in 1935 but crosman never used it on a pistol only on the first model. Now back to the Crosman rifles, the second Crosman rifle was the 1924 model and it used a pump handle under the barrel to pump up the gun. Yes I have a photo of a Crosman 1924 model but "Answers" has no way of displaying photos, so sorry your out of luck. FYI: Crosman is spelled with one "s" not two. CROSMAN

How do you load the 760 pump master bb gun?

If you are asking about a Crosman Model 760, I suggest you go to the Crosman home page and click on "Download an Owners manual". Crosman still offers the manual on the rifle and not only will you see how to load it but you will also learn other features about the rifle.

How Much is a 2006 Daisy 10 pump BB Gun Worth?

Are you talking about a Gun or a Rifle? Please post the question again, except this time please add the model number, you will find it on the barrel. As far as I know Daisy doesn't make a 2006 10 pump BB Gun. They do make several single pump air rifles. However Crosman does make a multi pump Air gun, the Crosman American Classic. It this what you are asking?

What is the value of Grosman Arms air rifle Mfg 1924?

If you are asking about the Crosman 1924 model 22 Caliber. ( it has a pump handle under the forearm, ) Then it was the second Crosman air rifle made. It has great value. It was produced between 1923-24. The third model had a swinging pump forearm, no handle. 1924-25. Please state the condition of the rifle so an estimate of value can be given.

What is the biggest size mm you can use for a 2200 magmum pump action bb rifle?

If you are asking about the 2200 Crosman Magnum air rifle then it shoots a .22 caliber pellet not a BB.

What is the value of model 120 crosman air rifle in working condition and in excellant shape?

The Crosman Model 120 is a single shot .22 Caliber pump action Rifle made between 1952-54. In excellent shap it would be worth between $95 - $120

How many times do you pump your c9a rifle?

The Benjamin or Sheridan pump rifle should never be pumped more than 8 times. See the link below for the owners manual (Crosman owns Benjamin and Sheridan air rifles)

Need air pump seals for a model 760 crosman air gun?

Crosman still has parts for this model. See the links below for Customer Service Contact and all the Crosman parts and Owners manuals online. BTW it's an Air Rifle not an Air gun.

How do you put a crosman 177 single pump pellet BB repeater together?

Go to (See the link below) and find your parts and owners manual for your gun or rifle. Crosman keeps a web page for older airguns.

What is a variable pump rifle?

The Daisy model 880 and the Crosman 760 are both Variable pump rifles. To charge the rifle you must pump the forearm from 1 to 10 times to store enough air to fire the pellet or BB. With each pump you store a little more air in the air cylinder and increase the power of the rifle when it is fired. It takes a minimum of 2 pumps to store enough energy/air to make the BB or Pellet fire. Never pump the rifle more than 10 times or it may rupture the seals.

When was the Remington Pump Air Rifle made?

The Remington model "AirMaster AM77" came out in 2003. It's marketed by Crosman air gun company

How does crosman 760 pump work?

You have to swing the forearm to pump up an air cylinder in the rifle. Usually it take about 8 pumps. When you pull the trigger it releases the air an propels the BB or Pellet.