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get a pregnancy test at the store

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Q: How can i check pregnancy at home?
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Forms of pregnancy testing?

* home pregnancy tests * or the doctor can perform a blood and urine test to check your hCG levels (pregnancy hormone levels)

How many days having intercourse can one check for pregnancy?

You can begin to get positive results from a home pregnancy test at a minimum of 2 weeks after conception.

What does one pink line on a home pregnancy test mean?

Each pregnancy test kit is different in their readings. Check the label for the meaning of the one pink line to see if that represents a positive pregnancy test.

What is a method to check whether you are pregnant or not?

A urine home pregnancy test or a urine test at the doctor or a blood test at the doctor.

Is a low grade fever a symptom of pregnancy?

Well it depends on how long you have had this fever and when was your last period. If you had this fever for more than a week I would check it out takes a home pregnancy test.

A doctors pregnancy test vs home pregnancy test?

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

Where can one get information on home births?

The Baby Center Canada can help you find more information on home births. If you are a United States citizen, you can check out American Pregnancy Organization.

Can an tweleve year old get preagant?

yes but only if they have had their period A.K.A. menstrual cycle the best way to check would be to go get a home pregnancy test or go to a doctor for a more actuate pregnancy test

What does it mean if you are supplementing and you miss your period and get a negative pt test?

If you took a home-pregnancy test, check the box to see if it has expired. Also, see your doctor and take a pregnancy test so that he can tell you if you are or are not pregnant.

If you do not ovalate does that mean your pregnant?

Not ovulating is sometimes a sign of pregnancy, but it isn't always. When a woman is just getting off of birth control, it causes lack of ovulation for several months. But, not ovulating can be a sign of pregnancy. Check with your doctor to be sure or take a home pregnancy test.

When was the modern home pregnancy test invented?

The first home pregnancy test was created and marketed in 1978.

Where can you buy ovulation test kin in chennai?

HOME CHECK OVULATION TEST KIT -Rs. 345 (Pack Containing 7 Ovulation Kit and one Pregnancy Kit FREE).Now Plan your Good Pregnancy as you like with home check ovulation Test kit. You can now choose your time and date of pregnancy.