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Well it depends on how long you have had this fever and when was your last period. If you had this fever for more than a week I would check it out takes a home pregnancy test.

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2008-09-26 01:46:22
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Q: Is a low grade fever a symptom of pregnancy?
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Is a constant low grade fever a sign of cancer?

A constant low grade fever is never a good sign. It can be a symptom of underlying disease, and yes - cancer could be one of them.Always consult a physician if you experience fever for more than 5-7 days.

What is considered a low grade fever in adults?

Low grade fever is under 100.4 F

What are the symptoms of cryptosporidia?

the major symptom is diarrhea, which is often watery and incapacitating. Dehydration, low-grade fever, nausea, and abdominal cramps are frequent.

Low grade fever 2 days before surgery?

A low grade fever can signal an infection. When a patient has a low grade fever before surgery; depending on the type of surgery, the surgery can be cancelled.

What is the cause for low fever?

low grade infection.

Is gastroenteritis low grade or high grade fever?

high grade

Do you have a high or low fever with appendiditis?

You have low grade fever with acute appendicitis. You expect it to have high grade fever with such a serious condition. But then fever usually do not exceed 101 degree Fahrenheit.

What is the meaning of mild fever?

The low fever, the fever which is mild. Actually the fever is Anything that is 99.5 or higher. That is what my doctor said and they consider 99.5 - 101.9 a low grade fever. 1 degree over 98.6 is "low grade fever", if you get into the 100's your sick.

Are you contagious with a low grade fever?


Is 95.5 body temperature normal for a 6 yr old after having a fever of 100.6?

My son had bronchial pneumonia when he had this exact symptom. Low grade fever followed by very low temp of 95.5 and cold sweats. Serious medical attention required!

Is 99.7 a fever?

No. That's a low grade fever. A real fever starts around 100.4F

Do you have to rest with a low-grade fever?

yes a low-grade fever is anywhere below 98.6 degrees fahrenheit i have 99.6 degrees fever. A high one is anywhere avove 98.6! 😛

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