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You can begin to get positive results from a home pregnancy test at a minimum of 2 weeks after conception.

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Q: How many days having intercourse can one check for pregnancy?
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Is a female pregnant if she stays wet two days after her last intercourse?

This is no final proof as to recognise a pregnancy. The possibility of a pregnancy is always present when having unprotected intercourse, but staying "wet" is no proof of it.

Will a pregnancy test show you are pregnant 5 ays after you conceive?

You need to wait 14 days after having intercourse to determine pregnant with a pregnancy test.

Can pregnancy detect in week after intercourse?

No, you need to wait 14 days (two weeks) after intercourse to determine pregnancy.

Can you use pregnancy test kit after 7 days of intercourse?

It is best if you wait until 14 days after intercourse.

After how long is pregnancy detected?

Approximately 14 days after intercourse, pregnancy can be detected.

Is there a pregnent test that will detect pregnancy 3 days after intercourse?


How early can you detect pregnancy hormones?

14 days after intercourse.

Can you take birth controle 5 days after sex to stop pregnancy?

No, it will not stop pregnancy after intercourse!

Can a pregnancy test show an accurate result after 19 days?

19 days after intercourse may result in a accurate pregnancy test.

What is the earliest you can find out you are

You can get a positive pregnancy test as early as 9 days after intercourse but your most accurate results will be at least 14 days after intercourse.

How do you avoid pregnancy 20 days after intercourse?

Throw yourself down the stairs...

How long does it take for a pregnancy test to be pos after fertilization?

Fourteen days after intercourse.