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Ya a lot

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Q: How badly does getting a navel piercing hurt?
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Does getting your upper lip on the right pierced hurt?

Any piercing is going to hurt. How badly it hurts varies from person to person.

How long can you not bend over after getting your navel pierced?

I got my navel pierced 6 months ago and i was able to bend normally the same night I got it done. It doesnt hurt the piercing at all, and don't worry getting it pierced didn't hurt that much. It was definitely worth it (:

Does a nose or navel piercing hurt worse?

I have both, and defin0ately the nose hurts more. I would say the navel piercing hurts around 1/10 compaired to the nose =] hope this helps XX

What piercing hurts the worst?

I think that everyone is different when it comes to pain in piercings. I have 4 in one ear, 3 in another, my nose, my tongue, and my navel all pierced. For me getting the actual piercing done on my navel hurt the most, however my tongue hurt the most AFTER I had it pierced due to swelling. But I hear that the most painful are nipples or any kind of genitalia.

What are risks of piercing your belly button?

infection and scarring and it could hurt very badly

How badly does cartilage piercing hurt?

it doesnt hurt at all but that's just my pain tollerance and heres a boost of confedence it didnt hurt and im 10

Does it hurt when you get a labert piercing?

Depends where you are getting it at. But keep this in mind, all piercings hurt.

Can piercings hurt the baby while pregnant?

It isn't the piercing that you should worry about. It's the possible contraction of diseases or infection from getting a piercing. If you already have a piercing, just keep cleaning it and be super careful to not get infections. Most older piercings should be fine but get a longer flexible bar for navel piercings.

After your navel piercing heals does it still hurt?

After it's healed there should be no discomfort. Occasionally it can get irritated if you switch jewelry a lot, but that should be it.

How much do navel piercings hurt?

Depends on how well you tolerate pain. I have a tattoo on my upper back and the navel piercing hurt a lot more. It takes about 30 seconds to do the piercing and put the ring in, but there's a really sharp pain. And it continues to be a little sore afterward.I personally do not think they hurt much more than a ear lobe piercing, i had mine done in June and I thought it hurt much more than it did, it is worth the pain though :)Hope this helped

Does getting a tattoo hurt worse that getting navel pierced?

It depends on where you get it, some places hurt less, some hurt a LOT more. The spine or the feet are especially painful.

Does getting your nipple peirced hurt?

Yes. Any piercing is going to hurt to some degree.

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