How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Not Badly at all. I got mine done yesterday and it was almost completley painless. It hut much less then my triple cartilage piercing or my double lobe.

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Q: How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?
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How bad does an anti tragus piercing hurt?

Pain is subjective. It varies from person to person, but personally, it hurt a decent amount. Not as bad as my tragus, but still. Pretty bad.

How bad does a tragus piercing hurt on a scale of one to ten?

Well generally it's about a 2 ( one being a sliver and ten being hit by a bus )

Do solo beats by Dr Dre hurt your tragus piercing?

No, Beats by Dr. Dre Solos do not hurt your tragus piercing.

What is reverse piercing?

The opposite of the piercing, tragus ~ anti tragus, eyebrow ~ anti eyebrow.

Can you damage your nerves when piercing your tragus?

No, there are no nerve endings in the tragus. It therefore doesn't hurt when you pierce it! I had mine done 2 days ago! :) Hope this helps!

Does tragus piercing hurt?

Not really, it hurts offcurse, but if it is done by a professional it is quite painless. Good luck!

Meanings for a tragus piercing?

its just an awesome piercing i got mine a couple of days ago, and i love it. there is really no meaning, unless you give it one. i love my tragus piercing and they don't hurt at all, only when they use the clamps. you should get one [: <- i wrote that, Lizziebby.

What side is the gay side for a tragus piercing on a girl?

There is not straight or gay side for a tragus piercing, it's just a piercing and doesn't denote sexual orientation.

How old do you have to be to get a tragus piercing?

You only have to be 13 but at 13 you need a parent.All piercings hurt to some degree. For me, the tragus was just a pinch and then afterwards, there was a burning sensation for about an hour. Everyone is different though.

Tragus piercing swimming?

I have had my Tragus pierced on both ears, and went swimming almost right after getting the piercing. Mine was fine.

Is a cartilage piercing different than the tragus piercing?

YES it is ...I have an industrial and it is on the cartilage and my cousin have the tragus and she started crying and her pain tolerance is better then mine the tragus huet much more because it is more cartilage in it then on a cartilage piercing

What hurts more reverse tragus or double tragus?

NO such thing as a reverse tragus. Do you mean an anti-tragus? Either way, a double tragus would probably seem to hurt more just because you would have to get two of them!They're both cartilage piercing and pretty much the same thickness. So its really hard to say for sure