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Getting a body piercing is going to hurt regardless of where it is on your body. There are of course areas that are more sensitive then others. If you have a properly trained piercer providing the piercing it will diminish the amount of pain you feel.

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Q: Does the bottom lip piercing hurt?
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What is it called if you have one lip piercing on the left side?

For your upper lip, Left is a monroe piercing. The bottom lip could just be a lip piercing, or labret piercing.

Would it hurt if you get a piercing on your lip?


Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after you get a lip piercing?


Does bottom lip piercings hurt?

Any facial piercing hurts, but its more like a pinch and lots of throbbing.

What is the piercing under the bottom lip to the left called?

Any kind of lip piercing is called a labret piercing. As far as I'm aware anywhere along the bottom lip has that name, regardless of position.

What is the bottom lip piercing called?


What are panda bites piercing?

Two piercing on one side of the bottom lip

Does a lip piercing hurt more than an eyebrow piercing?

Yes because a lip peircing penetrates your lip slowly and there is more blood involved in your lip than your eyebrow.

Why does your lip piercing hurt?

This is going straight into fail blog...

Does it hurt when they have to re-pierce your lip?

I have personally done this before, i got my right lip piercing re-pierced in the exact same spot and no it doesn't hurt, it feels the same as getting your first lip piercing.

Does the top lip hurt more or less then a bottom lip piercing?

nope they sure don't they don't numb anything before they pierce itbut it doesnt hurt they do it so fast you can barly feel itsoo don't worryPersonally my Bottom lip did hurt more than my top lip, I think its because the bottom lip is alot thicker than the top. It really isn't that bad though and really worth getting done :D

What you call the piercing at the bootom of lip?

Actually it depends on where you get it pierced on you bottom lip. and its call the Labert when its in the middle of your lip.

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