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Any kind of lip piercing is called a labret piercing. As far as I'm aware anywhere along the bottom lip has that name, regardless of position.

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Q: What is the piercing under the bottom lip to the left called?
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What is it called if you have one lip piercing on the left side?

For your upper lip, Left is a monroe piercing. The bottom lip could just be a lip piercing, or labret piercing.

What is three piercings in your bottom lip called with one on the left one in the middle and one on the right?

Right and left lip is called Snake Bites, the center piercing is a labret piercing.

What kind of piercing does the rev of avenged sevenfold have?

He has an industrial piercing on his left ear, this is sometimes called a scaffolding bar, it is a long metal bar through the top of your ear. He also has a labret piercing, this is the piercing of your chin, just under your bottom lip. & that's all he had!!

What does it mean to have a lip piercing on the bottom left?

That you wanted it there. That's all

What is a double snake bite lip piercing called two on the left bottom lip and two on the right?

There are two names for this kind of piercing. one side can be called viper bites or spider bites, but both sides is known as shark bites (:

Is that a piercing on Monica's eye?

R and B singer Monica does have a piercing by her eye on the left side of her face. It is a piercing that is called an eye diamond.

What does it mean when a female has a piercing under left side of lip?

It means nothing.

What kind of piercing is a Monroe piercing?

A Monroe piercing is a piercing on the left upper lip. It's called the Monroe piercing due to Marilyn Monroe's mole piercing. Many people now has this piercing which was started by the celebrity herself.

Naval piercing on the left mean?

A navel piercing on the left, no meaning, it's just a piercing.

What is the piercing called where its below your lip and its to the side but its not called a lowbret piercing picture please?

labret is the only one i can think of, snake bites if they're done on either side. unless you're refering to a monroe, (left upper lip) or madonna (right upper lip) or "angel bites" for both. i hope this helps Edit: Snakebites: When you have one piercing either side of the bottom of your lip. Angelbites: When you have one piercing either side of the top of your lip. One above your lip in the middle is a madonna. One above your lip to the side is a monroe. One in the middle at the bottom is a labret. Two on one side at the bottom of the lip is called a spiderbite. One to the side at the bottom of your lip is just a lip piercing i guess. (:

What is the difference between snake bite spider bite and angel bite piercings?

Spider bites are two piercings on one side. Snake bites are one piercing on the left and one piercing on the right (both are on bottom lip). Angel bites are one piercing on the left Nd one piercing on the right (both are on the top lip).

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