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A Monroe piercing is a piercing on the left upper lip. It's called the Monroe piercing due to Marilyn Monroe's mole piercing. Many people now has this piercing which was started by the celebrity herself.

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Q: What kind of piercing is a Monroe piercing?
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Does a Monroe piercing hurts?

Yes, all piercings hurt. That being said some hurt less than others, this being one of the ones that hurt the least. actually i dont thnk all piercing hurt . maybe the xtreme 1`sz . i got the labret or wateva .

What kind of jewelry for a Monroe piercing?

A labret (14g) or microlabret (18g ~16g) the length will be determined by your professional body piercer at the time of the piercing.

Where do you go to get a Monroe Piercing?

Any legitimate piercing shop should offer monroe piercings. Monroe piercings are considered a lip piercing and range in pricing from $30-$80.

What is monroes?

Something very very tasty

What is the piercing at the corner of the lips called?

monroe or dahlia. monroe piercing is usually around the area similar to Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark. a dahlia piercing is right at the corner where the two lips meet.

Can you hide a monroe piercing?

Ahhh No.

How old do you have to be to get a Monroe piercing?

i think age requirements depend on where you live but where I'm from you have to be 16+ to get a monroe piercing without an adult.

What is the difference between a Marilyn Monroe piercing and a Madonna piercing?

A Monroe is the upper left lip and a Madonna is the upper right lip

Does a nose piercing hurt more than cartlidge or a Monroe?

it hurts less than a cartilage piercing but more than a monroe.

How long can you take your Monroe piercing out?

If the piercing is over a year old you can remove the Monroe piercing for several hours without fear of the piercing healing closed. Prior to a year you are taking a gamble on how your body will respond to the jewellery being out of the piercing.

Is the monroe piercing for lesbians?

no its for anyone who wants it =]

Can you get zits above you Monroe piercing?


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