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Apps are downloaded from the AppStore, and an Apple ID is needed to download apps.

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Q: How are you able to download apps to your iPod touch?
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How can you download apps on your iPod touch?

There is an App Store app on the iPod Touch that is used to download apps.

Can you download apps with iTunes 9.0 on your ipod touch?

Yes, it doesn't matter what iTunes software you have, you can still download apps from it to download to the iPod Touch.

Does it cost if you only download free apps on your ipod touch?

No it costs nothing for FREE apps on your ipod touch.

Can you download apps on the iPod Touch?


Can you download apps on an iPod touch?


Are you able to get apps on the Apple iPod Nano 8GB touch?

Only the iPod Touch will run apps. The iPod Nano will not run apps.

Can a first generation iPod have apps?

yes it can.. it only has the apps that came with the ipod but you cannot download apps like you can with the ipod touch.

How do you get a picture behind your apps on the iPod Touch?

You cannot get a picture behind your apps on the iPod Touch through regular settings. You have to jailbreak your iPod Touch and download a theme to get that theme behind your apps.

How do you get free apps with iPod Touch 2G?

There is no way to get free apps that come WITH the iPod Touch, but you have the ability to download thousands of free apps when you buy it.

How do you download apps on an iPod touch?

just go to the apps store a download the app you want.

What games are on an iPod Touch?

you can download it from the apps store.

How do you add apps to the iPod touch?

To add apps to the iPod Touch, you can either download them from the App Store via Wi-Fi on your iPod Touch, or you can sync your iPod Touch with iTunes through your computer.