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no i dont think so

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Q: Hi i had intercourse on Wednesday night and i took my microlite pill that day however i missed my Thursday pill am i at risk of been pregnant also do i take my missed pill with my Friday pill?
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How long should the bleeding occur after intercourse when you are pregnant?

how long dhould the bleeding occur after intercourse when you are pregnant how long should the bleeding occur after intercourse when you are pregnant

Will you get pregnant every time you have sexual intercourse?

No. Can you get pregnant ever time you have sexual intercourse? Yes. Is there something you can do to decrease the risk of getting pregnant everytime you have sexual intercourse? Yes.

Can you get pregnant having intercourse through the butt?

Do you mean can you get pregnant from anal sex? No, you can't, if that's what you're asking...

Is it possible to get pregnant if you intercourse after period?

Yes, it is very possible to get pregnant anytime you have intercourse. VERY RARELY do women even get pregnant while on their period.

How do you get a girlfriend pregnant?

sexual intercourse

What can you do to get your girl pregnant?

Ask her to have intercourse.

What can get you pregnant besides intercourse?

Artificial insemination.

How can one become pregnant?

Sexual intercourse.

Can you get pregnant if you don't have intercourse?

NO! unless your doctor artificially insemenates you when you are trying to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from saliva?

No. A female can only get pregnant through sexual intercourse with a male.

Will the teen girls get pregnant when they kiss boys?

You cannot get pregnant by kissing, you can only get pregnant by sexual intercourse.

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.