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No. Can you get pregnant ever time you have sexual intercourse? Yes. Is there something you can do to decrease the risk of getting pregnant everytime you have sexual intercourse? Yes.

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2008-05-06 23:50:38
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Q: Will you get pregnant every time you have sexual intercourse?
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How many time want to sex get a pregnant?

There is no set number of times. You CAN get pregnant the very first time you have sexual intercourse.

If you kiss a girl in period time is she pregnant?

no of coarse not it happen during sexual intercourse

Can you get a girl pregnant after only one time?

Anytime the penis is inserted into a vagina and sexual intercourse is done there is a risk of getting her pregnant even after the first time.

How do i get pregnant?

You can get pregnant by injecting male samon. Or The highest pregnancy rates occur in couples who have intercourse every day or every other day. Have intercourse near the time of ovulation. If having intercourse every day isn't possible — or enjoyable — have intercourse every 2 to 3 days a week starting soon after the end of your period.

Can you become pregnant the first time you have intercourse?

Yes, you can become pregnant the first time you have intercourse.

When is the safe time to have sexual intercourse?

If you mean to not conceive then no time is completely safe. A lady can become pregnant at any time. There is no such thing as a safe time.

Does partial removal of foreskin increases time of sexual intercourse for men?

Does partial removal of foreskin increases time of sexual intercourse for men?"

Can you get pregnant if you miss one or two pills but take them?

Yes, you can. Birth control pills are not entirely effective so you can get pregnant while taking them correctly. For every pill not taken correctly increases the chance of a pregnancy, if the person has sexual intercourse during that time.

Can a girl become pregnant if the intercourse is done during the time of periods?

There is a small risk at the every last days of the menstruation.

What kind of pills to get pregnant quickly?

There are no pills that can help you get pregnant 'quickly' except perhaps Exstacy or a date rape drug that knocks you out and allows unscrupulous and criminal males to have intercourse without your consent. You get pregnant from having sexual intercourse during the time of ovulation. The amount and frequency of intercourse during ovulation will increase the odds, but there is no 'pill' to make it happen.

What time is sensitive to have sexual intercourse for pregnancy?

during ovluation.

Why are you not pregnant if your boyfriend has came into you?

You may have not been at the proper time in your fertility cycle, the egg may not have left the ovary, or it is too close to your menstrual period. Imagine the earth crowded with people if every act of sexual intercourse resulted in a baby.

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