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No. A female can only get pregnant through sexual intercourse with a male.

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Q: Can you get pregnant from saliva?
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Can a woman can be pregnant by man's saliva?

Only if there is sperm in that saliva

Can you become pregnant from saliva?

You can not get pregnancy with saliva. Saliva does not contain sperms. Sperms are must for fertilization to take place.

Can too much saliva from a male cause pregnancy?

No. Dorm is requred to bee pregnant. There is no sperm in saliva

Can a female rabbit become pregnant if you give her male saliva?

Saliva has nothing to do with pregnancy. It helps to digest food, that is all.

Is saliva is bad for getting pregnant?

No one has ever been fertilised with saliva, so it is very bad for getting pregnant. According to all reports and surveys traditional methods seem to work best.

Does saliva decrease the chances to get pregnant?

It does not. If you use it as lubricant it wont change a thing.

Do you produce more saliva when your pregnant?

Not everyone experiences that, but in some women the increase is marked and annoying.

Can you get pregnant from a mix of sperm and saliva?

Yes, if the sperm came in contact with your vagina there is a slight possibility.

Can touching breast and lip kissing exchange of saliva will cause pregnant pls help me?

Um, no

How do you make more saliva?

There is an increase in saliva in pregnant woman because of the increase in 30% of blood circulating ballroom.There is also an increase in salivation or drooling when babies have tracheoesophageal disease.

Can sperm come from mouth to make a girl pregnant after kising?

No, the saliva would kill all of the sperm.

Can you have semen in your mouth then put it in your vagina an still get pregnant?

Most likely, because semen doesnt dissipate in saliva

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