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It does not. If you use it as lubricant it wont change a thing.

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Q: Does saliva decrease the chances to get pregnant?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant when using vaseline?

Using vaseline does not increase or decrease the chances of pregnancy occurring

Can you get pregnant if you have pid again?

Chances of pregnancy decrease if you get another bacterial infection.

If a women is a heavy pot smoker does it decrease her chances of getting pregnant?

if she do crazy things when shes high then yes

Is it possible to get pregnant even taking pills?

Yes it is, but there is a very small chance that you will become pregnant and using a condom or having your partner pull out to cum will greatly decrease your chances of becoming pregnant.

Do having tonsils decrease the chances of getting strep throat?

No. It does not decrease the chances of strep throat.

Can a woman can be pregnant by man's saliva?

Only if there is sperm in that saliva

Do your chances of getting pregnant increase the longer you have an IUD in?

No. IUD is a contraceptive. Contraceptive decrease or/and prevent pregnancy not increase the chance of conceiving.

Can sperm get you pregnant while on birth control?

Yes. However you decrease the chances by taking your birth control correctly and by using condoms.

Do the chances of becoming pregnant decrease with the hormone IUD?

the hormone IUD is a popular form of birth control, so I would assume so.

Can you have natural fertility in your fifties?

It is possible to get pregnant in your 50's. However, the chances decrease greatly at that age since your body stops producing eggs. The chances of miscarriage also greatly increase as you get older, lowering the chances of a viable pregnancy.

What type of therapy is used to decrease the chances that the cancer will recur?

Adjuvant therapy is used to decrease the chances that cancer will recur.

Can you become pregnant from saliva?

You can not get pregnancy with saliva. Saliva does not contain sperms. Sperms are must for fertilization to take place.

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