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The best I can describe is an inch long rock hard women's nipple (or tit) covered in saliva or lube.

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2009-08-24 00:41:40
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Q: What does your cervix feel like when you are not pregnant?
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What does a non pregnant cervix feel like?

Like a cantalope with a hole in it!

You are pregnant-5 weeks your cervix is still open?

You can't see your cervix. I'm not sure why you would think it's open. Have you put your finger in your vagina to feel it? If you do that, it should feel soft like your lips if you're pregnant. If you aren't pregnant it should feel hard like the tip of your nose.

How does your cervix feel if you are pregnant?

They say it's "butter soft" when you are pregnant...

When will you start to feel your cervix growing when pregnant?

Your cervix does not grow during pregnancy but the uterus does.

What should a cervix feel like when pregnant?

The cervix will normally feel firm (like the tip of your nose) when not pregnant. In pregnancy, the cervix normally rises (is higher up) and is softer (like feeling your lips with your fingers). This may vary between women and can sometimes not be noticed until late pregnancy so it is not a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

What should your cervix feel like at 5 weeks pregnant?

Well I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my cervix is extremely high, medium hard, and closed completely. I hope this helped you a little!

What does the cervix of a pregnant woman look and feel like?

The cervix of a pregnant woman looks bluish or purple depending on how far along they are. it feels like a very ripe fruit. when you stick your hand in to feel it should come back down quickly or fall down with your hand.

How can you tell if your cervix is opened or closed and should it be hard or soft when you are pregnant and how hard or soft should it be?

Your cervix should be closed and I don't recommend poking around to find out. It is said that a never pregnant cervix feels like the tip of your nose, and after being pregnant it feels like pursed lips. It will feel the same pregnant as non-pregnant so if it is your first baby it will feel like the tip of your nose. If you have a speculum and have a look at your pregnant cervix it will look more blue than when you are not pregnant due to the increased blood supply. The above is not true: your cervix is different depending on what part of your cycle you are on. When you are getting ready to ovulate it should be soft, high,open,wet.(SHOW) your cervical mucus changes throughout this process as well. Your cervix will not feel the same pregnant/not pregnant. If you are pregnant it will usually be high and soft and closed. When your period is almost due your cervix will drop down and become firm. If you decide to check your cervix make sure your hands are clean!!!

How does your cervix feel at 3 weeks pregnant?

soft, tender and irritable

How do your cervix's feel when your pregnant?

Take the tip of your finger and press the tip of your nose. This is how a non-pregnant cervix generally feels. Now take the tip of your finger and press the fullest point of your bottom lip. A pregnant cervix generally feels "soft and mushy." You cannot feel it from the outside.

Can you actually see and feel the cervix in the vaginal opening during the first trimester of pregnancy?

You most certainly can feel your cervix while pregnant or otherwise. Seeing it, however, is an entirely different story, and is indicative of prolapse, among other things.

How is your cervix supposed to look like and feel during a period?

Your cervix during menstruation will be lower in your vagina, also firm and closed. If you were to feel your cervix or bump it the cervix may be more sensitive during menstruation so you may feel a menstrual cramp type sensation. If you search for Beautiful Cervix Project you'll find a great web site with photos of the cervix throughout the menstrual cycle which can help you figure out how your cervix looks and what it might feel like during menstruation.

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