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to get pregnant you have to have sexual intercourse, his penis has to enter your vagina for you to get pregnant.

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2007-10-03 13:26:28
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Q: Will you get pregnant by just feeling your boyfriends penis?
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How do you convert a knit only pattern to a felted pattern?

Just lick your boyfriends penis :d

Can you get pregnant with a un-curcumsized penis?

Yes you can, its just like any other penis.

Can you be pregnant if your nipples are hard?

No you won't get pregnant it's just a feeling you will have when you are sexually aroused

Can a girl get pregnant if you just rubbed your penis on her opening?

Indeed, It is a possibility.

Boyfriends penis is too big?

Change boyfriends or talk to him about being a little more considerate about where and how he uses it. If he will not discuss it than you are probably better off without him. A lot of guys with a large penis think all they have to do is jump on and thrust. Sorry, that's just not the case.

Can a girl get pregnant with just water?

Of course not, it needs sperm from a boy's penis.

Can I get pregnant if I am on my period and I have a tampon in me and he doesn't ejaculate but he rubs his penis by my vagina but not quite on it?

No ejaculation means no sperm, you can't get pregnant, unless he masturbated just before and still had sperm on his penis.

If penis just touches vaginal entry region may girl fall pregnant?

Only if there was pre-ejaculatory or ejaculatory fluids on his penis.

Pregnant or just not feeling too well?

If you can not tell we can certainly not so take a test.

Does a piercing on the penis make sex better?

It would probably reduce feeling, because the nerves would be damaged by the piercing. And penis piercings are just plain weird.

Why do girls have boyfriends?

Girls have boyfriends because boys can easily get boyfriends just like how girls can get girlfriends so girls get boyfriends to prevent boys from getting boyfriends and girls from getting girlfriends.

Can you get pregnant from a un-curcumsized penis?

Yes. The foreskin removed by circumcision does not completely cap off the head of the penis if left there. Just as an uncircumsized male can urinate, he can also ejaculate.

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