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Girls have boyfriends because boys can easily get boyfriends just like how girls can get girlfriends so girls get boyfriends to prevent boys from getting boyfriends and girls from getting girlfriends.

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Q: Why do girls have boyfriends?
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Why do all interesting girls already have boyfriends?

all interesting girls don't have boyfriends.. there are still interesting girls out there.. you just have to find them.

Do girls cut of their boyfriends?

No! Because nobody don't cut of their boyfriends that will be silly!

List of girls who want boyfriends?

While there is no actual list, I can tell you which girls want boyfriends; girls who do not already have boyfriends or husbands, and who are heterosexual, in most cases would want to have a boyfriend (but not necessarily you; girls are generally particular about what kind of boys they want to be their boyfriends). Relatively few women have given up on men entirely.

Why do girls get jealous of their boyfriends talking to other girls?

Wouldn't you?

Can girls poo on their boyfriends?

no girls don't poo on there boyfriend

What makes girls have boyfriends?


Do the omg girls have boyfriends?


Can young girls have boyfriends?


How come REALLY insecure girls get boyfriends?

MY opinion of why they get boyfriends is because they dont put themselves out there like the non insecure girls do.

Who is omg girls boyfriends?

Roc royal

Why do girls that have boyfriends and you don't why do that look at you?

They like you

What do girls think about their boyfriends?

i think that girls think great things of their boyfriends but some girls only date the guys to get what they want and they will take advantage of what good things the boy has to offer. they brag sometimes about how you treat them like a queen and also about how you give them what ever they want. girls think alot of their about their boyfriends.