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The secondhand smoke from smoking marijuana can give you a buzz, known as a "contact high"

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Q: Does secondhand marijuana vapors affect you?
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Can you get second hand smoke from e-cigs?

Not really... it is possible to inhale secondhand vapors, but it's not the same as secondhand smoke from a cigarette.

Can you f ail from secondhand marijuana smoke?


Does secondhand marijuana smoke show up in your system?

Thankfully no.

Can secondhand smoke go into your system without smoking marijuana?

Yes. Hence it is referred to as secondhand smoke; it has been used already.

Does secondhand marijuana smoke cause cancer?

No. If marijuana caused cancer they wouldn't give it to cancer patients to save their lives. Marijuana cures cancer.

Does marijuana affect your triglycerides?


Does marijuana affect you?

Marijuana is a drug. So yes, by definition, it affects you.

How does Marijuana affect the brain?

Marijuana may cause memory loss.

How does marijuana affect the brain of a young person long term or short term?

How does a marijuana affect the brain of the young generation

Does marijuana affect you emotionally?


How does marijuana affect the hippocampus?

it doesnt

How does marijuana affect your family?

It doesn't