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Marijuana is not physically addictive, so, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana does in fact for many people have withdrawal symptoms.

Anxiety, headaches, and anger are just a few of the symptoms.

I have witnessed children getting high from second hand marijuana smoke pets also. Marijuana has increased in potency over the last 10 years. I know I have smoked it most of my life. I am 42 days clean and have first hand knowledge of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms.

I would not have non smokers exposed to second hand marijuana smoke.

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2011-03-19 19:33:23
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Q: Can you have withdrawal symptoms from second hand marijuana smoke?
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I smoke weed everyday but quit 2 days ago will I go through withdrawal?

Marijuana is not physically addictive, so, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms.

Why you do smoke cigarettes?

Because we will get withdrawal symptoms if we stop. We are addicted to nicotine.

Where can one get withdrawal symptoms from?

There are a number of ways to get withdrawal symptoms. If you are using drugs, smoke cigarettes, or take pain killers you would be at most risk of having symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking them. You can even have withdrawal symptoms from some antidepressants and steroids if you stop taking your medication at once.

Can second hand smoke from marijuana cause munchies?

Depending on the potency of the marijuana and the consistency of the second hand smoke, it is possible though.

What are common smoking withdrawal symptoms?

There are many common smoking withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms usually come when it is the first week after you smoke. These symptoms include tingling in the hands and feet, sweating, headaches, and many cold symptoms.

Is second hand smoke from marijuana dangerous?

Seeing as first hand marijuana smoke has no negative side effects, it's second hand smoke is not at all dangerous.

Is second hand marijuana smoke harmful to pregnant women?

I dont believe second hand Marijuana does anything bad to the baby when you are pregnant. Second hand smoke from Tobacco is infinitely worse for you than second hand Marijuana.

Is marijuana second hand smoke worse than cigarrete second hand smoke?

No, marijuana second hand smoke is less harmful for you than tobacco smoke. Marijuana smoke does not contain the deadly carcinogens that cigarette smoke does. I heard on a documentary that there aren't any known cases of marijuana smoke alone causing lung cancer or emphysema. If someone is smoking weed around you then you don't really have anything to worry about.

How could marijuana get into your urinary if you do not do it?

Second hand smoke..

Is second hand smoke of marijuana bad?


Can marijuana show up in babies from second hand smoke?

Marijuana has no negative effects.

What if you have gerd and smoke weed?

I have GERD and I'm an avid marijuana smoker. My symptoms stay about the same whether I smoke or not.

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