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A person decides to smoke marijuana when they are offered it, have an opportunity to buy and smoke it, or when they have an urge to smoke marijuana.

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Q: When does a person decide to smoke marijuana?
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How long does marijuana stay in your urine in a person who does not regularly smoke marijuana?

About 15 days.

Is marijuana safer to smoke than tobacco?

Tobacco kills millions of people every year. Marijuana has killed 0 in history. You decide.

How can a person come up positive for marijuana and not be a marijuana smoker?

this can happen from being around people who smoke it, and inhaling the second hand smoke.

If you were clean for a month and you decide to smoke a dime of marijuana how long will it stay in your system?

it should be out in under a week

Can you smoke male marijuana plants?

No, it is against the law to smoke Marijuana.

How does a person smoke marijuana?

By putting pieces if the dried marihuana in a pipe or rolling it into a cigarette, lighting it on fire and inhaling the smoke.

Does marijuana smoke stay in your hair forever?

No, exposure to the smoke of marijuana does not stay in the hair forever, but duration does depend on the frequency and severity of exposure and frequency of washing hair. What does happen though is, if a person smokes marijuana there are traces of it that reaches the follicles and grows into the hair. A hair sample can be taken from the person and tested and can prove that he/she smoked marijuana.

Does mike epps smoke marijuana?

no mike epps does not smoke marijuana in fact he doesnt smoke anything

Did Gandhi ever smoke marijuana?

Yes, he was known to smoke marijuana occasionally.

What are the different ways to smoke Marijuana?

The most common way to smoke Marijuana is through Pipes. WikiAnswers will not provide information on ways to smoke Marijuana.

Does Eminem smoke?

== == Eminem used to do smoke in the past, like marijuana, but he doesn't smoke anymore. Not marijuana or cigarettes.

How long does it take for you to feel marijuana?

It depends on the kind you smoke, on the person that smokes it, and how. Meaning it varies..