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No it makes you a very curious individual.

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Q: Does drinking your own semen make you gay?
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what is problem of drinking semen causes any health problems for men there own semen?

Consuming your own semen will do you no harm.

Can I consume my own semen?

sure its only gay if u make it lol

Why cant guys eat semen?

Guys do eat semen! Gay guys eat semen all the time. Even some straight guys like eating their own semen.

Why do gay men drink their own semen?

Gay men don't eat their own semen more then straight men do. Being gay means you fall in love with other men, it has nothing to do with whether you eat your own semen or not. Those who do either like it or are curious what it taste like. Might be a good thing to do since many men expect someone else to taste it.

What is heath benefit of drinking your own semen?

There are none, it is just a little sugar, protein and water..

What is felching?

Felching is a sexual practice in which semen is sucked out of another person's anus. The individual sucking the semen may swallow it or pass it, mouth to mouth, to a partner. The term for the latter act is snowballing. a man drinking his own semen out of his partners anus

How many men's semen would it take to make you sick?

Try it and see. In personal experience (with my own semen) I have found approximately 4 table spoons of semen to make me slightly nauseus and 8 tea spoons to make me throw up.

What is the risk of swallowing your own semen?

There is veryLittle chance of it happening accidentally and if you did it deliberately it would do no harm at all. so long as you are not a vegetarian of coarse.No effect at all. It just came out of your body, it's just going back in.Answer:It may cause stomach upset as it contains enzymes that interact with mucous membranes. These enzymes help to facilitate successful fertilization in the womb, but they can also affect the mucous membranes of the digestive tract when swallowed and cause indigestion and stomach pain.

Is it gay to eat your own semen?

no, you are just experimenting, most men prefere there own to othersNo of course not. Gay, homosexual, you are if you fall in love with another man. You trying your own semen is experimenting.

Can you get HIV from your own semen?

First off, not to be mean or anything, but why would you want to eat your own semen? Secondly if you already have AIDS then your semen has aids as well. AIDS is transfered through semen, as well as other stuff. Please, always use a condom.But, just to be clear about the answer to your question, you can not get any disease from your semen if you don't already have the disease. if you do not have AIDS your semen can't give it to you.AnswerYou do not get AIDS. Aids is the intensity level of a HIV infection. AIDS is the point of HIV when your body's viral level is so high that it cannot successfully fight off any infections without strong medical help. In regards to your own semen. If you have hiv, it's in your semen as well.AnswerYour semen came from your body and it only contains things which are already present in your own body. If you don't have AIDs then your semen cannot contain anything extra that will 'give it' to you. If you do already have AIDs then you can't get an extra dose of it from eating your own semen. If you want to eat your own semen if is much safer than eating someone else's and there is no logical reason why you shouldn't do it, if you wish to.

Why did gay people make up their own languages?

They didn't. This is absurd.

Does it make you gay if you can suck your own penis?

No. It's a form of masturbation.