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Well, it's your own semen and you have STD. It won't makes you get worse since you produce it yourself...

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Q: Can you swallow your own semen if you have an STD?
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What happens if a boy swallow others semen?

As long as they don't have an STD, nothing happens.

Will you get a disease if you swallow your semen?

If you swallow your own semen, then no, you can't get anything new. It's quite safe. It's fairly safe, too, to swallow someone else's semen.

Can I swallow my own load of semen?

if you want

What happens if your pregnant and you swallow your partners semen and he has a STD?

You can get it too. Depending on which one it is it can affect the baby or not. Get tested.

Is it harmful for a girl to swallow semen?

Not really, but if it has a STD or HIV she can contact the disease through oral sex.

Is it wrong to swallow your own semen?

Clearly, yes.

In swallowing semen good forg yhou?

Probably not, it contains sugars and proteins so it won't do you any harm provided the person whose semen you swallow doesn't have an STD, such as HIV or AIDs.

Is it safe to swallow someone's semen if they are taking Rifampin due to the fact it can change the color of semen to an orange-red?

The rifampin in the semen will not cause any problems, but their semen may not be safe to ingest. Rifampin is an antibiotic given for many reasons, including STD's. If the rifampin is being given for an STD then it would not be safe to ingest the semen, not because it has the rifampin in it, but because it may still have infectious particles in it.

Is semen bad for a person to swallow?

No. As long as the male has no STD's it is perfectly safe to swallow.AnswerSwallowing semen during oral sex is harmless as long as neither partner is carrying any sexually transmitted disease.

Can your own semen hurt you by getting in your butt?

No! but it can give you multiple diseases and std's depending on if their clean or not!

Can you swallow sperm?

Yes , if you like its taste. It is harmless as long as the person you get it from doesn't have an STD. Your own semen is not harmful to your body since it is yours, just like tears, spit, etc. But if you are ingesting somebody else's, it depends on whether the other person has an STD. It is also a known fact that sperm is a mere 5 calories.

Can sperm transmit STDs just by swallowing it?

If the male has an STD, it is definitely possible to become infected if you swallow his semen. Any contact with bodily fluids can result in infection.