Can your own semen hurt you by getting in your butt?

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2010-08-18 04:58:59

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No! but it can give you multiple diseases and std's depending on if their clean or not!

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2010-08-18 04:58:59
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Q: Can your own semen hurt you by getting in your butt?
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Can you put semen in your own butt?


Can something bad happen by getting your own semen in your own cut?

No it is harmles

Is it wrong to ingest your own semen?

well no not really it is protein lol Answer: you can and it wont hurt you.

Should you eat your own semen?

Should and should, it's really up to you. It wont hurt you.

What happens if you get your own semen in your eye?

Nothing much. It might sting a very little bit, but it can't hurt anything.

what is problem of drinking semen causes any health problems for men there own semen?

Consuming your own semen will do you no harm.

Is drinking one's own semen harmful?

Semen can be a carrier for STDs but in most cases you will already be infected with anything that is in your own semen.

Can you get aids from your own semen?

your question doesn't make any sense. if your semen is capable of infecting others with HIV, then you already have it.....and why are you ingesting your own semen?

Do some men like to swallow their own semen?

Most men don't swallow their own semen.

Will swallowing ones own semen do any harm?

do you mean drinking semen generally or drinking your own semen as opposed to drinking other peoples semen. you really should be more specific.

Can you get HIV from your on Semen?

If your semen is infected with HIV, then you already have HIV. If your semen is not infected with HIV, then anything you do with your own semen will not cause HIV.

Does it harm if a man drinks his own Semen?

No,Nothing Its really healthy , Semen is only sugars, Protien, minerals,I suggest to taste and drink our own semen,,,

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