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They will tell you if they trust you. If you think you are a good and accepting friend, then they may tell you. They need to know that you will be supportive and not judgmental. They need to know if you are a gossip or if you can keep a secret.

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Q: Do people usually tell people that they are bisexual when they are?
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How do i tell I am bisexual?

There are no signs. If you are bisexual, no one will know for certain unless you tell them.

How do you tell your girlfriend in a lesbian relationship you are bisexual?

'I'm bisexual'

How do you tell your bisexual guy-friend that the guy they like doesnt like them or isn't gay?

I would tell your bisexual friend that even though its hard to tell them but you have to because you're his friend. then nicely tell them that the other guy isn't interested and that there are better people out there for him.

How do you know if a bisexual women likes anothe bisexual women?

Same way you can tell if a straight man likes a girl. Usually they would admit to it, it act like they have a crush on that person

How does one tell people that they are bisexual?

Well, if its a guy, and he is shanking a woman while another guy is shanking him...

If you are a lesbian or bisexual how can you tell if your female friend is really a lesbian or bisexual as well?

A bisexual is someone who is physically, sexualy and emotionaly attracted to both boys and girls. There is no real way to tell if your girlfriend is into you. If your girlfriend is not kissing you or doing sexual things with you, it doesn't mean she is not interested, it could mean that she is shy, or has insicurity or a personality disorder. Try talking to her. If she isn't a lesbian or bisexual then she usually wouldn't be dating you.

How do you tell people you are bisexual?

Two ways. You can go up to random people and say 'Hi, I'm a bisexual' Or you can do it subtly. You can find a friend you trust and tell them, or you can let a little conversation be overheard (or a text message read) by a gossiper (the best people for the job). There are also many more ways of doing this.

How do you tell if you are not straight but bisexual?

If you fall in love with and is sexually attracted to both genders you are bisexual.

How people become bisexual?

they find out that they're bisexual and if they think you are good friend and not a gossip or jedgemental then they will tell you i know because i'm bisexual and if anyone is gonna ask how i know this is my answer i had a crush on a male friend in yr 5 and i have a girlfriend now

How do you know if your straight or not?

You can tell by the gender of the person/people you are attracted too. And if that's still confusing, you might be bisexual.

How many bisexual people are in the world?

90% of are Bisexual.

How can you tell if a girl is bisexual?

You ask her.