How people become bisexual?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they find out that they're bisexual and if they think you are good friend and not a gossip or jedgemental then they will tell you

i know because i'm bisexual and if anyone is gonna ask how i know this is my answer

i had a crush on a male friend in yr 5 and i have a girlfriend now

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Q: How people become bisexual?
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Can straight people become bisexual within 9 months?

Technically, you cannot "become bisexual". Scientific research has proven that sexuality is not a choice, but rather something you are born with.

When did Lady GaGa become bisexual?

she became bisexual about 4 years ago

How many bisexual people are in the world?

90% of are Bisexual.

How do you become friends with a bisexual that denied you?

you dont.

Why do women turn bisexual?

Nobody turns bisexual. If a woman is bisexual, she has always been bisexual.

Why do most men generally lose interest in women when they become gay as opposed to remaining bisexual?

Actually, bisexual men cannot become gay. This is impossible. If a man seems to lose interest in women, he was never bisexual to begin with.

Is there a bisexual person?

There are many people all over the world who are bisexual.

Is it easier for people to be bisexual than totally gay?

In general, no. Some people find it easier to be bisexual, and some gay people often identify as bisexual to test the waters, so to speak. However, this has resulted in a phenomenon called bisexual erasure. People are more likely to believe that, no matter what a bisexual person says, they must prefer one gender or the other, which can cause great frustration for the bisexual community.

Should a child become gay or bisexual?

It isn't a question of should they become. It is more of can they become. And the answer is yes, some children will grow up to be gay or bisexual. This is not a bad thing. It just happens to about 2-6 percent of the population.

Why do people come biosexual?

People do not "become" bisexual, they are born like that, the same as some people are born heterosexual, or lesbian or homosexual. that is just the way it is, as long as they are all healthy and happy that is the main thing.

How do you become bi-sexual?

You can't "become" bisexual. It is simply the feelings you have, which, in this case, are for both sexes.

Will I ever be enough for my bisexual boyfriend?

Being bisexual does not mean that someone needs to have sex with people of both genders. It merely means that they are attracted to people of both genders. So it is possible for someone to "be enough" for a bisexual.