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90% of are Bisexual.

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Q: How many bisexual people are in the world?
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Is there a bisexual person?

There are many people all over the world who are bisexual.

What do people in third world countries think about bisexual people?

Depends on which country you are speaking of. People all over the world and in all classes have individual thoughts on subjects such as this and cannot be put in one category.

Why do people tell bisexual people that they have to choose a side?

Bisexual people are often those who experience the most confusion in deciding their sexual orientation. The idea of being attracted to both sexes can cause confusion and uncertainty, where the person cannot decide whether they are actually gay or straight. It may not dawn on people that they could be bisexual as well. In light of this, many people think that bisexual people are simply "undecided" about their sexual orientation so they ask them to choose a side and stick with it. The reality is, research by many studies, including that of Dr Alfred Kinsey, has proven that bisexuality exists as an individual sexual orientation. Rarely, some people may think bisexual people are simply identifying themselves as that to hide their homosexuality.

Do girls like bisexual men?

depends. if she really likes you she won't mind.

How many pages does The Bisexual Option have?

The Bisexual Option has 215 pages.

What are the top websites for bisexual teens?

The most notable and popular is The Gay Youth Corner - there are many gay, bisexual and possibly straight people on the forums. (See relevant links.)

Why is it that most bisexual guys will say that they are straight or most often will say that they are not gay?

This occurs when the person is ashamed of themselves or self-hating. They may be embarrassed to admit who they really are.In the entire world, it is a fair statement that most bisexual people claim to be straight, and most gay people claim to be straight or bisexual, because they are closeted or not true to themselves.

Is bisexual a phase?

It can be if you let it be. Typically people start out as bisexual and then feel more comfortable about there sexual orientation.

If you are attracted to only one male but mostly females does that make you bisexual?

If you are attracted to only one male but mostly females you may be bisexual. Rather than either straight, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, or any other one class people are a varying degrees of many.

Do you hate bisexual people?

NO i dont, i am bi

Do you like people that like both boys and girls?

i am not bisexual but personally i can still be friends with people that are bisexual because i dont care what they do because it's there life and i feel that they are people to.

How many people were in Thomas Edisons family?

Thomas Edison's Family Had 10 People There And Hunter Charles Brown And Trevor Merle Brown Are Bisexual