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A bisexual is someone who is physically, sexualy and emotionaly attracted to both boys and girls.

There is no real way to tell if your girlfriend is into you. If your girlfriend is not kissing you or doing sexual things with you, it doesn't mean she is not interested, it could mean that she is shy, or has insicurity or a personality disorder. Try talking to her. If she isn't a lesbian or bisexual then she usually wouldn't be dating you.

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Q: If you are a lesbian or bisexual how can you tell if your female friend is really a lesbian or bisexual as well?
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I'm a lesbian and my bisexual friend hug me a lot and hold my hands what that means?

well that obviously means their in to you or your really really good friends

Im a lesbian and i really like my bisexual friend she hugs me a lot and hold my hand but she has a man so i dont know if is she like me?

well.... your bisexual friend most likely has a thing for yuhh. trust me ;)

Am I lesbian or Straight?

I am... None im really "Bisexual"

Is Nikki Manaj a lesbian?

there was a rumour she was bisexual even before she became really famous.

Is Rem from Death Note a lesbian?

I think she’s lesbian because she really likes Misa. The creators agreed she liked Misa, but in the second movie Rem says that (s)he doesn’t have an gender. But it seems she is a female in the web. Conclusion: She is Lesbian, or bisexual.

How do you feel about the gay and lesbian population?

im a female still in highschool and i am bisexual but i have noticed more then half the girls at my school claiming to be "bisexual" most of them are not i think people are just saying that to get more attention when others really feel that way and it is very unessesary

Is Michelle marsh a lesbian?

She used to claim to be bisexual - but is now married with kids - so not really, no.

Is Misty Mundae really a lesbian?

No. She has stated in interviews that she is attracted to men and women (bisexual) and her Facebook says that she's interested in men. In either case, she's not a lesbian.

Im a lesbian and you really like your bisexual friend she like hugs you a lot and hold your hand but sh has a man so you dont know is she like you?

talk to her as a friend and ask her if she does hey y not ask her if she likes you (somewhere private though like when ur over at her house or shes over at ur house) if she says she has a crush on you than tell her ur a lesbian(unless she already knows ur a lesbian)and maybe shell end up breakin up with her bf bcuz of how much she likes u!!!oh by the way im a bisexual 2z!!!lolz

I have a best friend and i always find myself talking about sexual things around her and for some reason i think i might be in love with her but i don't want to be a lesbian what should i do?

As long as you are still attracted to guys - and it sounds like you are - then you're not a lesbian. Being a lesbian means only being attracted to girls. If you're attracted to guys, you can only be straight or bisexual. If you are attracted to guys, and are also attracted to your friend, that would make you bisexual. As far as what you should do about being in love with her goes, if it's really love, there's no way around it. But it seems like you like guys and thought you were straight, so you can dismiss the worry of being a lesbian.

Is my friend bisexual he sometimes checks out guys he had 2 gay friends at school who used 2 sleep over n he hit me up for a three way with him and his friend who is female I like him 2 though?

it really sounds like he is ..

Why do women need a lesbian?

Unless the woman in particular is a picky lesbian, she doesn't really need a lesbian unless she wants a friend who she doesn't have to worry about stealing her potential boyfriends.