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If boy feels it is safe and okay to do,then yes.

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Q: Do boys like to hug girls if they are friends?
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Do boys like to hug girls?


Why do boys hug girls?

To feel their boobs

When is girls hug boy day?

Boys Hug Girls Day is on October 4th.

Do boys like to hug?


Do 6th grade girls hug guy that they like?

Not always, but most of the time. if its a playful short hug... then its a friendly hug! and they r just friends! but if its a long emotional hug with a surprised look or comport look on her face, then its a like hug. she really likes him... :)

How long should boys hug girls?

not long 5 sec.

Do girls like hugs?

Yes they do like hugs from boys! It makes them feel special. Some girls mite not like it but they just want boys to begg for it. So if your a BOY READING THIS GIVE YOUR FRIEND THAT A GIRL A HUG. They bite say eww but if you do they are going to think you are sweet and a nice person>3 BOys give your friends a hug you ask for it or say group hug after you know them for more than 1 month and theyy will think you area nice person! FROM A EXPERT!

How girl hug his boyfriend?

Girls usually hug their boyfriends by wrapping their arms around their Neck, and boys hug their girlfriends by wrapping their arms around the lower waist or bum

Do girls like it when you hug them?

Yeah! Girls love it when they get a romantic hug, long and quiet. It gives us a feeling of comfort.

Do girls like it when you ask them for a hug?

depends on who is asking and where.

Why do girls like to hold hands with each other?

because they are friends and dont see anything wrong with it. Girls are social things thay even hug each other (wtf)

What does it mean if your guy friend says he loves you all the time randomly?

It could just mean that he loves you as a friend, like how girls tell there best friends I love you all the time. I wouldn't take it to seriously, unless he tries other things you dont normally do like hug, dont get me wrong lots of guy and girls who are just friends hug, but if you never hug and out of the blue he hugs you and says he loves you, there might be more to the stroy