Why do boys hug girls?

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To feel their boobs

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Q: Why do boys hug girls?
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Do boys like to hug girls?


When is girls hug boy day?

Boys Hug Girls Day is on October 4th.

How long should boys hug girls?

not long 5 sec.

What girls like for boys to do?

Girls what boys to be honest, loving, romantic! Girls want boys to hug them from behind because its romantic! Girls want to know that the by they have can protect them and be with them through good times and bad times! xx

Do boys like to hug girls if they are friends?

If boy feels it is safe and okay to do,then yes.

How girl hug his boyfriend?

Girls usually hug their boyfriends by wrapping their arms around their Neck, and boys hug their girlfriends by wrapping their arms around the lower waist or bum

Why do girls love to hug boys?

cuz as u won't understand and it's a girl thing

What things do girls look for in a guy?

Girls Love It When Boys Hug Them From Behind And When Boys Call Them Beautiful. Girls Love It When Boys Say That She Is Your Life, Girls Also Love It When Boys Talk Or Online Chat With Them For A Really Long Time (Mostly At Night It Helps Us Sleep Well Thinking Of You) I Love You

Why do girls like tall boys instead of short boys?

Because girls usually hug or kiss guys with their arms around their neck. Wouldn't it be weird--bending down to kiss a guy?

How do you hug short boys?

you get on your knees or bend over and hug them

Do boys like to hug?


I want to hug you?

If you want to hug someone, hug them, boys/girls love that sought of softy personality. so if you love someone, go for it and live it because half the relationships in our world wouldn't be if the person in it didn't create it. Do you get what I mean?

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