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If you want to hug someone, hug them, boys/girls love that sought of softy personality. so if you love someone, go for it and live it because half the relationships in our world wouldn't be if the person in it didn't create it. Do you get what I mean?

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Q: I want to hug you
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Does tails doll want to hug you?

If you make sad yes he will want a hug.

How do you say i want to hug you now?

Simply say, "I want to hug you, now!"

When someone always wants to hug you and they call you cute does it mean they love you?

No. That means they think you're cute and they want to hug you.No. That means they think you're cute and they want to hug you.No. That means they think you're cute and they want to hug you.No. That means they think you're cute and they want to hug you.

How do you know if your boyfriend want to hug?

he tells u so, or if he keeps looking at u, or looks sad. Just hold your arms out like you want to hug and he will hug you. That's what I did when i wanted a hug from my gf...

How can you get your 12 year boyfriend to hug you?

if you want to get your bf to hug you do 1 of 2 things either you just give him a hug or you ask for a hug.

What do you do when you really want to hug your boyfriend but you dont want to tell him?

just hug him! yeah, just go ahead and hug him. i mean, whats the worst that could happen?

How do say i want to hug you in french?

in french, 'i want to hug you' is ' je veux t'embrasser' hope i could help :)

How do you get your girlfrend to hug you?

Okay well first girls usally don't want to be the first one to hug. They always want the guy to hug them first! Girls worry about what the guy will think if they hug him. The REALLY don't want to make a fool of themselves so maybe you should take charge and hug her first! It might be weird but that's what girls want!

What do you do when you want to hug a guy but you dont want to make it awkward?

Ehhh what I do is scream out randomly I need a hug and theyll give meh a hug or i act really depressed and usually someone says: "does someone need a hug?" ^_^

How do you hug someone tall?

Jump on them Smile, and reach up to them as if saying you want to hug them :P and they should bend down and accommodate you. Or you can just hug them around the waist if you want to.

If a girl hugs you and other girls start hugging you how do you get the first one to hug you again?

Go and hug the girl you want a hug from! If you want something done, do it yourself! :) but she doesn't know i like her and i don't want her to know

How do you show a guy that you want a hug from him?

You hug him or say "gimme hug." A guy never turns down a hug. Unless he hates you. Like really, really hates you.