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Generally morning heartburn is a side-effect of pregnancy (rather than a symptom of pregnancy). It usually occurs once it is fairly obvious the lady is pregnant; when the abdomen has distended quite a lot, indicating that there is a fair amount of pressure on the stomach (and some other internal organs). The extra pressure on the stomach can cause acid reflux, since it effectively limits how far the stomach will stretch (to accommodate food etc...). Since stomach capacity is reduced, acid has a tendency to flow up the oesophagus, causing heartburn.

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Q: Could morning heartburn be a sign of pregnancy?
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Is heartburn and constipation a pregnancy symptom?

Yes heartburn and constipation ARE a sign of pregnancy but there are many other symptoms as well

What are sings of pregnancy?

The most common sign of pregnancy is missing you period. There are others such as weight gain, heartburn, increased appetite, and cravings.

You have never been one to get a feeling of heartburn you feel it in the back of your throat into the upper part of your chest could this be a sign of pregnancy?

It could be a sign of pregnancy. No one is immune from heartburn. It can happen at any time. If it persists for more than a week after taking antacids, then you should talk to your doctor about possible acid reflux. If you feel that it accompanies other symptoms and just "feel" pregnant, then you should take a pregnancy test or schedule a visit with a health care provider.

Could dry mouth be a sign of pregnancy?

Typically this is not a sign of pregnancy

Your girlfriend has been having heartburn at least once a day if not more does that mean she is pregnant?

no, it means she has heartburn. please review symptoms of ulcers, acid reflux disease, etc. heartburn is generally NOT a sign of pregnancy the way nausea is.

Could hardness and slight soreness in the stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Typically the first sign of pregnancy will be a missed period.

Are these pregnancy symptoms?

There are many symptoms that could indicate pregnancy. Swollen and tender breasts are one symptom. Weight gain, nausea, and exhaustion are some other more common symptoms. Some or all could be indications that you are pregnant but all could also be symptoms of something else.

Can your stool change as a sign of pregnancy?

No. Sign of pregnancy is missing your period and morning sickness (some people have it.) Yes, Stool changes are a sign of pregnancy. Usually softer in very early pregnancy and constipation usually occurring around the end of the first trimester.

Is missing periods a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it is the main sign of pregnancy, so if there is a chance that you could be pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test.

Is feeling bloated and soreness a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. Feeling bloated and having minor pains is a sign of pregnancy. It usually occurs the second month along with morning sickness.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if after you eat you get a really bad stomach ache and can cause vomiting?

This question should go unanswered, because it makes no sense to believe that you could be pregnant after eating and feeling stomach pain. You may just have food poisoning or gas, maybe even heartburn, but pregnancy, I believe not. you are obviously referring to "morning sickness" which can occur anytime of the day most likely during the first trimester. if you think you are having morning sickness you need to have a pregnancy test done as you need to be seeking prenatal care if you are indeed pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

Is having morning sickness a good sign that you will be less likely to miscarry a pregnancy?

No. There is no link between the risk for miscarriage and morning sickness.