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Yes it is the main sign of pregnancy, so if there is a chance that you could be pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Is missing periods a sign of pregnancy?
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Does missing periods for a month mean pregnancy?

It may or it may not. To find out you will have to do a pregnancy test. There ar other reasons for missing you period, although it is a common sign for pregnancy.

How do you tell if pregnant?

you can do a pregnancy test at your doctor. if you don't want to be tester, missing 2 periods in a row is usually a sign of pregnancy

What is a first sign of pregnancy?

no periods obviously

Does a irregular period be a sign of pregnancy?

I wouldnt say irreuglar periods are a sign of pregnancy its usually actually missing a period for about 2 , 3 or even 4 times(months) in a row. Irregualr periods mean that your body is just developing differently. I reccomend Yaz birth control pills , they regualate ur periods very well.

What is confirmation of pregnancy?

The best way to know if your pregant is to go to the doctor and get a blood test. Best of luck

You had two periods within two weeks can you be pregnant?

No. Missing periods are an indication of pregnancy, not having too many.

How far along is a girl when the first sign of pregnancy occurs?

The first sign is the missing of a period and that takes 3-4 weeks after pregnancy results.

How do you detect pregnancy without missing periods?

Take a home pregnancy test or just go to your doctor and get bloodwork done to tell if you are pregnant

If blood is in your stool are you pregnant?

Is it dark in color or bright red?? If you have hemorrhoids there is a possibility it could be from that...if it has been going on for a while though I might go to the doctor and get it checked out just to be safe!

Had missed your depo shot didnt come on for eight months now im on could you be pregnant?

If your periods have started after stopping Depo Provera, you're certainly at risk for pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are missing periods and a positive pregnancy test.

Can your stool change as a sign of pregnancy?

No. Sign of pregnancy is missing your period and morning sickness (some people have it.) Yes, Stool changes are a sign of pregnancy. Usually softer in very early pregnancy and constipation usually occurring around the end of the first trimester.