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I had a modonna piercing and DEFINATLY still wore make up

I had a modonna piercing and DEFINATLY still wore make up

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Q: Can you wear make up after getting a Monroe piercing?
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Can you wear makeup with a Monroe piercing?

Well you can wear makeup by and near your Monroe piercing but keep it away from the piercing it's self, make up tends to cause trouble with *unseasoned piercings (*piercings less than a year old). While we are at it be cautious with facial scrubs and the piercing as well, they can be hard to rinse out of the piercing if it gets into the tissue.

Can you wear a nose stud in a monroe piercing?

Yes, labret studs are fine for tragus piercings. I wear them all of the time.

Is it ok to wear a Monroe stud for the nose piercing?

Labret posts usually don't sit well in nose piercings but it wouldn't hurt to try it out!

Is there jewelry to buy for a Monroe piercing that doesn't damage your gums?

the best jewelery for a monroe is flat back. i ometimes wear a ball in there, though. it kind of massages my gums, if theyre a little sore feeling. but flat back is the best. and it will all damage your gums after years and years or wear.

Does the hole re-open for a monroe piercing after a while if it closes up?

No it doesn't. If it closes up that means that it's healed and the hole no longer exists. The only way to wear jewelry in it is to get it pierced again.

Does a hoop make your nose piercing heal wrong?

It might. If you intend to keep a hoop in it, then it shouldn't affect it. If you intend to wear studs, you might have to bend them so as not to irritate the piercing though.

What perfume did Marilyn Monroe wear?

Marilyn Monroe wore chanel number 5

Do cheerleaders have to take out their bellybutton piercing at competitions?

Nope, They have to wear them, to make them look like a bunch of slags. hope this helped.

Can you wear makeup with a new nose piercing?

Where? on your nose? yeah but don't go close to the piercing I have,nothing really happens,it's just weird. everywhere else is fine I had make up on my nose when I pierced it. yes, as long as you are careful not to get it inside the piercing. ________________ I did nothing happened. ------------------------- You're not meant to, it could make the piercing infected. But that doesnt always happen. I'd just be careful ______________________ I wouldn't recommend it, or at least, not on the side of you nose with the piercing. Everywhere else is fine. But, keep your foundation, compact, and blush away from the area. The chances of your new piercing getting infected increases if any of your makeup products get near or into it. Better play it safe.

Did Marilyn Monroe ever wear hats?


Did Marilyn Monroe wear a girdle?

Probably, she did have an hourglass figure! That's a very helpful tool in getting a hour glass figure!

Why Did American Women Start Piercing Their Ears?

To wear earrings.